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What's this all about?

Start With A Bright Idea

Bright Idea 1

Add An Elegant Yard Light Fixture

Non Illuminated Fixture

Add A Full Color RGB LED

Full Color RGB LED

Add Battery .. Solar Panel .. Electronics


Add Wireless Control


Multiply By 4, 6, 8, ... (Up to 32 Lights)


Add a Pro Scene Designer APP


Add An Ordinary Yard


And You've Discovered GlowLytes


Energy Efficient

GlowLytes use energy efficient LEDs. Go ahead, leave the lights on and don't sweat when the electric bill arrives. They operate for free. And don't worry about changing the light bulbs, they can last up to 50,000 hours.


Revolutionize your landscaping. Bring brilliant color to your yard and be the envy of the neighborhood.


Imagine redecorating your yard from your couch. When it is snowing! With GlowLytes you can change your lights with your smartphone or tablet using your WiFi network.

Brilliant Colors - In Your Front Yard - Or - Your Back Yard


Are you tired of your yard looking the same all the time? Do you want to do something that sets your yard apart from your neighbor's? We did too, so we developed GlowLytes - the smart, wireless yard lighting system that you control with your smartphone or tablet.

With GlowLytes you may never need to buy yard lights again. You can redecorate your yard any time you like with the convenience of your smartphone. At Christmas time you can have your lights reflect the season; when the Big Game is on you can display your team pride; during Halloween, your yard can be scary orange; on Valentines day, go hot pink, white, & red; Green on St Patricks Day; For birthdays become as creative as you like. The rest of the year your yard can look like everyone else's - if you must - all without ever changing a bulb.

GlowLytes are smart, LED-based outdoor yard lights. The system includes a main controller and up to 32 lights, controlled by your Android or IOS device through WiFi. The main control unit (controller) houses the WiFi controller and power supply. Each light is solar powered and wirelessly controlled from your smart device.

After our Kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled we will offer additional GlowLytes and main control units at for those who want to expand their systems.


Simple and Flexible Operation

Configure GlowLytes into custom scenes to quickly change your lights at any time. You can change the color of individual lights or control them in groups. GlowLyte control is simple and intuitive and can be programmed to turn on and off according to your schedule.

We have been playing with our lights through months of testing and they are a blast! Show the neighborhood your team colors; decorate for any holiday; or any special occasion, and explore your creative side with the brilliant colors of GlowLytes.

GlowLytes Hardware

Each GlowLytes system requires the main controller unit and between 1 and 32 lights. The main controller is actually powered from an AC wall plug. You can locate it inside your home. Use your smartphone whenever you choose to modify the scenes or schedules. These modifications are stored in the controller unit so your smartphone does not need to be present for GlowLytes to operate. Only to modify the program. The individual light fixtures are powered by solar/battery so they cost nothing to operate. That's free energy! free light!

GlowLytes Software

Our plan for GlowLytes is to enable control from all Android and IOS devices. We have developed all of the prototype hardware and control functions on the Android platform. By focusing feature development on a single platform we have been able to quickly iterate through software and hardware communication prototypes

During the course of our GlowLytes campaign, we will continue to refine the GlowLytes app for Android. Once the project is funded we will finalize the app design and begin building the IOS app. Our IOS app is expected to be complete and submitted to the app store prior to delivery of the GlowLytes hardware. We are not currently planning a Windows Mobile control app.

GlowLytes Home

Development Schedule

During the Kickstarter campaign, we'll continue improving the GlowLytes prototypes and be refining the App. Upon successful completion of the campaign, you will be notified. And you become part of the GlowLytes Team

We expect to begin shipping the complete GlowLytes systems to our backers by February 30th, 2017

GlowLytes Home

About this project

Each light operates from a Wireless microcontroller combo chip, which implements the interface to the main controller and RGB LED control functions. If you view our development timeline you'll see we have developed light fixtures using a 3D printer and other resources. Now that the electronics have stabilized, and we now have an agreement with a manufacturer overseas, we are currently using light fixtures from that manufacturer. All of the electronic parts, including the RF control etc., are our own design. The prototypes were built, per our design, overseas as well. This means we are 1 big step closer to manufacturing/distribution

The GlowLytes system is easy to install. You simply anchor each light into the ground (or wherever), plug the master control unit into wall power, and connect to the WiFi network with your smartphone or tablet.


We are offering GlowLytes systems in configurations with a Controller and either 4, 6, 8, or 10 lights each. For the entrepreneurial hearts, we are also offering distributorships.

Reward Distributorships

We are excited to offer a few distributorships. These are not protected territory distributorships. They include the right to distribute GlowLytes. While there are details that are yet undecided about the distributorships. The details we commit to are as follows:

1) There will be an MSRP

2) There will be a Low Price Limit (LPL) -- No GlowLytes can be sold for less than a certain price. Everyone will be required to “Hold Price”. (Everyone wins)

3) Sales cannot commence until manufacturing can keep up with expected demand. (phased in)

4) All distributors will start at the Base Cost. No one can buy them for less than you can. This Base Cost remains unchanged for at least 18 months. Yes, that is correct!

5) After the 18 months, your cost will be determined based on your sales history. A tiered cost will be based on sales quantity. (The more you sell, the lower your price) Our plan is that as long as you are a serious distributor you will remain at the Base Cost Level.

6) The MSRP, LPL, tiered cost and Base Cost Level may adjust, but it will apply to everyone.

After our Kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled we will offer additional GlowLytes and Controllers at for those who want to expand their systems.

Risks and Challenges

Since we have already successfully operated GlowLytes in our yards, We know they can work flawlessly. Still, we consider reliability a must. We address reliability in 3 areas:

Color and Light Reliability

GlowLytes are already working reliably. The colors always show brilliant, dazzling, and Intense light. In fact, you may decide to reduce the intensity because they are too bright. (Do this from your smartphone) You get to choose how bright they are.

Radio System Reliability

We want you to know that generally speaking, the Radio Frequency System already works well. And we continue to test and improve the antenna system. However, you may have noticed with Bluetooth, if your phone is too far from the device, the radio signal is limited. So it is with GlowLytes. Please do not expect to control a light that is 80 or 100 meters away. (We have successfully controlled lights from 160 feet) This was under ideal conditions with no RF obstacles. We do not claim this will always be the case. We use a dual RF protocol to control the lights. This means your smartphone communicates with the master controller with a WIFI protocol, and the master controller communicates with the individual lights through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

GlowLytes uses a BLE module. This is the power energy device intended for IOT (internet of things) devices. We have found that occasionally a light may seem sluggish to change. It will eventually change but it may take the system a while to accomplish it. We continue to work on the antenna system and expect to eliminate this issue. Please be understanding.

The great news is that yard lights are stationary. So if one of the lights seems less responsive, that light can be relocated to a better or closer location. You can adjust the positions of the master controller or any of the lights until you are satisfied with the complete system. Then, since they are stationary, they should always be responsive.

Further….if you want an even more robust system, you can add an additional inexpensive master controller. This will increase the RF coverage and allow a more responsive system

Battery System Reliability

Lithium Batteries are now used in almost all battery operated outdoor yard lights. They are more energy dense, and last much longer, and are therefore more suitable. In the past, lithium battery technology was not as safe as we hoped. Today, Lithium batteries are much safer. Some have concluded that Lithium Batteries are as safe as other battery types. In any case, Each GlowLyte battery contains only a single lithium cell. They are not intended for indoor use, so as an outdoor yard light power source, they have proven themselves safe. No other battery would be acceptable for GlowLytes.

The inherent challenge with lithium batteries is their lack of resilience in extreme conditions of temperature. Especially in very, cold winter nights. The cells will wear down more quickly with cold weather.

There are two solutions. Either turn the lights off for the winter or replace the batteries in the Spring

For those who consider these options unacceptable, we provide an even better long term solution: We include hardwired “pigtails” for an external power source. GlowLytes can be hardwired just like traditional yard lights for year round reliable, brilliant colorful enjoyment. (they look great in the snow)

We are not aware of any other battery operated yard light that includes hardwired pigtails. Please note that the hardwiring is not required for normal installation. It is only an option for enhanced operation

FCC Certification

GlowLytes will require FCC Certification in the USA. Other countries also require a similar certification. Sometimes FCC certification can be expensive and cause surprises. We already have experience with FCC certification. We have priced the GlowLytes to allow for an expensive challenge. In a worst case scenario, we may need to change the circuit design to use precertified RF chips. We have experience in this.


We have a manufacturing agreement with a major manufacturer of battery operated yard lights. They are excited about this opportunity. The path forward is clear and defined.


We are excited to bring GlowLytes to you and are dedicated to working through any further challenges that we encounter through continued improvement and refinement of the system.

We need you, please help us color the world.

Thank you very much for your support!

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