Who Are We?

GlowLytes is a Utah-based startup company with founders from Davis County. We are striving to revolutionize landscape lighting with a fun new lighting system.


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We're a team of 2 Engineers. We have worked together on other engineering projects, beginning more than 10 years ago.

Ross Mann

Ross received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1982. Since 1980, Ross has been fascinated with microcontrollers and robotics. For more than 30 years he has been passionate about developing and selling electronic and mechanical products. Especially products that entertain people. Ross has created several products, including a fun kinetic art gum ball machine. Ross has sold 1 patent. He has set up a manufacturing facility and has established processes to meet ISO 9000 standards. He ran a technical manufacturing business for 10+ years and marketed and distributed products he has developed since 1987. He still provides Electrical Engineering Consulting on other projects. He plays with stepper motors just for fun; and like a hobbit, Ross enjoys shiny, and bright colored things that move.

Josh Leavitt

Josh is the software nerd behind GlowLytes. He has been passionate about technology ever since his first typed in the game on the Atari 1040ST. He has worked on software and hardware projects using everything from tiny embedded systems to large simulation systems. Josh is passionate about technology and has worked developing and managing large software projects for over 10 years.

Ross is responsible for all of the GlowLytes electronic and mechanical designs as well as the microcontroller software in the lights themselves. Josh is writing all of the software for the main controller and the Apps. Ross and Josh are working together on the entire manufacturing process. They are dedicated to producing a yard lighting system that is flexible, reliable, and really fun.

GlowLytes Founders
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